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The Crafty Soaps

     Natural handmade soaps and bath salts


Eczema - Pure and Natural Chamomile soap, Nothing Synthetic.


Pure and Natural Chamomile, Nothing Synthetic.

Chamomile has long been noted for its anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.

I made this soap for those who have sensitive skin and that suffer from Eczema and other skin conditions.It also helps in calming stressed body muscles. It relaxes the muscles and also removes any temporary body swelling due to exertion. Chamomile has a stress relieving effect on the body. Daily use of Chamomile soap helps in reducing stress and tension and also reduces anxiety.Chamomile soap works well for both sensitive as well as normal skin. The anti inflammatory chemicals make it most suitable to help reduce various skin problems.

This soap is not a cure but may help reduce some skin problems.

Avoid contact with eyes,nose or mouth as it may lead to irritation.



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