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The Crafty Soaps

     Natural handmade soaps and bath salts


Coconut body and face soap


Unscented Organic coconut oil, with shea butter soap, vitamin E and olive oil.

So creamy in your body that you will feel the silky oils moisturizing your skin when you shower or wash your hands

For any type of skin.

No added scent, the scent is from the natural coconut oil.oils.

The numerous minerals and nutrients in coconut are great for your skin.

The oil can also work to help remove dirt and dead cells from the skin.

The proteins of the coconut oil, may help cellular health and tissue repair.

Coconut oil is also good for hardened and cracked feet,

which may happen due to excessive cold or strenuous work while standing on your feet.

The cracks in your feet will not vanish, but your feet will become softer within days if you use the coconut oil soap to the affected area.

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